From Home Maker to Welding Expert: Journey of Madhuri Lokhande

Madhuri Lokhande, a small-towner from Bakhardi in Chandrapur, Maharashtra had high aspirations and big dreams, however, she didn’t know what destiny had planned for her.  She lost her mother early in life and was plunged into shouldering the responsibility of her family, spending most of her time in household chores. After finishing her class 12 exams, her father could no longer afford her higher education.
Determined to choose the right path to succeed in life and make a respectful earning to support her family, Madhuri decided to enroll herself at Ador Welding Academy. Beating all odds, she took up a skill training course in welding, considered a ‘non-traditional’ career choice for women.
Her trainers at Ador Welding Academy found Madhuri to be a strong and focused girl who possessed the passion to excel. Post her training, she has been placed with Taikisha Engineering India Pvt Ltd, Pune as Welder and is drawing a monthly salary of Rs 9,000.
Regarded as one of the promising and rewarding skill trades, welding has been one of the most dynamic and in-demand professions. Madhuri is earning more money, enjoying more freedom than most/some of her female friends and is also contributing towards her siblings’ education.
Madhuriowes it to her self-driven attitude and believes that there is no “one path” that works for everyone. “Each person is unique and each stage of life is different. The key to success in life is confidence, hard-work and right skill which can help you fulfil your dreams.”